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RA II Expert Group on Agrometeorology

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Terms of Reference

(i) To survey RA II Members in order to identify needs in terms of agrometeorological experts/staff, improved services and training in the Region
(ii) To make recommendations on the establishment of Agromet Advisory Services in RA II
(iii) To review the monitoring and forecasting of soil moisture conditions and their use in assessing crop water requirements
(iv) To review the monitoring and preparedness strategies for drought, including drought indices and early warning systems, and the extent of their implementation in the Region
(v) To review and evaluate the operational use of applications of seasonal to interannual climate forecasts to agriculture in RA II and make recommendations to improve the presentation of these forecasts to the agricultural community
(vi) To review studies on the socioeconomic impact of agrometeorological information on agriculture, livestock management, forestry, rangelands and fisheries in the Region
(vii) To report, through the coordinator of the Expert Group on Agrometeorology, to the chairperson of the Working Group on Climate Services annually

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