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RA II Expert Group on Operational Forecasting


Mr HONDA, Yuki - Coordinator - ( Japan )
Dr Tin Mar Htay - Leader - ( Myanmar )

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Terms of Reference

(i) To inform RA II Members of technical and scientific developments relating to the forecasting process, to advise them on the implementation of new techniques, and to coordinate organizational and planning aspects of the GDPFS including the requirements, procedures and practices for designating and maintaining GDPFS centres in the Region
(ii) To monitor the performance of GDPFS in the Region and, if necessary, support GDPFS centres to meet the designated criteria, which include, amongst others, standardized verification of numerical weather prediction (NWP) products as part of the WMO Quality Management Framework
(iii) To coordinate existing and new requirements stated by RA II Members for GDPFS products and for the production of analysed and forecast data by the RA II GDPFS centres, including for education and training materials
(iv) To promote the integrated use of Ensemble Prediction Systems, high-resolution NWP, radar and satellite-based products in core operational forecasting, and the exchange, use and interpretation of meteorological products
(v) To encourage studies in verification of the Ensemble Prediction System with a view to further promoting its use for operational forecasting
(vi) To monitor the provision of products and services by designated RA II GDPFS centres within the framework of the Emergency Response Activities (ERA) Programme, and advise on evolving requirements for ERA operational systems and services
(vii) To coordinate, monitor and facilitate the implementation of the Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project in RA II

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