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RA II Expert Group on Public Weather Service Delivery, including DRR


Mahnaz KHAN - Leader - ( Bangladesh )
Mr LEE, Lap-shun - Coordinator - ( Hong Kong, China )
Ms QU, Ya - Leader - ( China )
Mr Hla TUN - Leader - ( Myanmar )

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Terms of Reference

(i) To coordinate all activities related to PWSs in the Region, in cooperation with the Commission for Basic Systems, and to monitor progress in the implementation of the current WMO Strategic Plan with regard to PWS matters in the Region
(ii) To coordinate the contribution of PWSs to such high-priority areas as the Global Framework for Climate Services with particular focus on the User Interface Platform, the WMO Integrated Global Observing System, the WMO Information System, DRR and capacity development
(iii) To mainstream service delivery as contained in the WMO Strategy for Service Delivery and Its Implementation Plan (WMO-No. 1129), as a main priority in the work of the PWS Programme and in guiding its future development in the Region, and to facilitate stronger dialogue among National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), development partners and user sectors (for example, the media, health services, emergency management agencies) relevant to PWSs and DRR
(iv) To facilitate the development of a Region II implementation plan of the Disaster Risk Reduction Roadmap
(v) To encourage Members to contribute to socioeconomic benefit studies and evaluations, and to the design and implementation of pilot and demonstration projects related to PWS delivery
(vi) To assist NMHSs in strengthening their capabilities to ensure efficient and effective preparation and delivery of warning services through national PWS Programmes and channels, by embedding early warning systems within an operational end-to-end service delivery framework; and to improve procedures for the exchange of severe weather warnings between neighbouring countries
(vii) To encourage and provide guidance to Members in asserting the authority of NMHSs as the sole providers of official high-impact weather warnings as opposed to commercial service providers
(viii) To collaborate with development partners and other WMO entities to assist NMHSs in the identification and assessment of societal, economic and environmental impacts and benefits of hydrometeorological services
(ix) To promote and support the education and training of the public and others in the use and interpretation of forecasts and products and services related to warnings, including uncertainty information; and to establish education and training requirements related to PWS delivery, in accordance with the competency requirements established by the Commission for Basic Systems

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