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RA II Expert Group on WIGOS


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Terms of Reference

(i) To coordinate the planning and implementation of WIGOS in the Region in accordance with the Regional WIGOS Implementation Plan (R-WIP-II), the decisions and guidance from the Seventeenth World Meteorological Congress, the follow-up to sessions of the Executive Council, the RA II Management Group, and the RA II Strategic and Operating Plans
(ii) To provide support and assistance to RA II Members in accordance with the R-WIP-II and in response to their requests (subject to availability of resources)
(iii) To assist RA II Members in developing their National WIGOS Implementation Plans (N-WIPs)
(iv) To monitor progress in the implementation and operation of WIGOS in the Region; to advise on possible improvements and priorities for appropriate action and on the need for external support, where required, according to the technical guidance from the technical commissions, specified in the implementation plans of the Global Framework for Climate Services, the Implementation Plan for the Evolution of Global Observing Systems (EGOS-IP), the Global Climate Observing System and other observing system implementation plans, in order to develop and implement WIGOS in the Region
(v) To support the implementation and improvement of the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review tool (OSCAR)/Surface in the Region
(vi) To collaborate with related bodies on the implementation of WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System in the Region
(vii) To collaborate with Regional WIGOS Centre candidates, the RA II Management Group and the WIGOS Project Office on the establishment of Regional WIGOS Centres in the Region
(viii) To coordinate relevant activities with the regional groupings involved in observations to ensure consistency of approach and synergy
(ix) To advise the president of the Association and the chairperson of the RA II Working Group on WIGOS and WIS on the proposed composition and changes to the Regional Basic Synoptic Network and Regional Basic Climatological Network
(x) To collaborate with the RA II Task Team on the Regional Basic Observing Network on implementation of the Network in the Region
(xi) To advise the RA II Management Group on WIGOS implementation in the Region

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