12th Meeting of the RA I Dissemination Expert Group (RAIDEG-12)

Agenda (Time in UTC)


DAY #1 – 1st  September 2021

11h00         Welcome (Chairwoman – EUMETSAT – WMO)

11h10         Adoption of the agenda

11h15         MTG Africa products

  • Current baseline
  • Further products/priorities to be recommended by RAIDEG
    • Level-2 products for Nowcasting (using the NWC SAF SW)
    • Other “MTG-based” SAF products (OSI-SAF, LSA-SAF, H-SAF, etc…)
    • Other SAF products (potential)

13h00         Presentation of the Nowcasting guidelines document for Africa (WMO)

13h40         Information on EUMETCast-Terrestrial (opportunities and prospects)

14h00         End of Day #1


Day #2 – 2nd September 2021

11h00         Review of actions from previous meetings (Sally Wannop - EUMETSAT)

11h20         RAIDEG in new WMO RA-I regional structure + update on VLAB (WMO)

11h30         Feedback from the regions representatives and training centre (10 minutes each)

12h40         Upgrade of current PUMA Software (Peter Hardmann)

13h00         Specification of the new PUMA 202X station (EUMETSAT)

13h30         Briefing for the 14th EUMETSAT User Forum in Africa, RAIDEG member contribution/roles

13h50         Wrap-up and way forward

14h00         End of the meeting