8th Session Polar Space Task Group (PSTG)

Polar Space Task Group (PSTG)
Eighth Session
Date: 16-18 October 2018
Venue: WMO Headquarters, 7bis, Avenue de la Paix, CH-1211 Geneval
Room C2
Meeting room & Logistics
Report: Final Report
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Agenda Item Related Working Documents


Welcome and Opening Remarks

 2  Introduction of Participants


Approval of Agenda [Doc 1.1]


EC-PHORS status reports – WMO [Doc 4.1] [docs: EC-70/INF. 9 & EC-70/9/4]
- PHORS-8 / Arctic Met Summit (R. Nitu)
- EC – WMO re-evaluation of PSTG mandate (WMO)
- GCW Progress/Accomplishments (J. Key/R. Nitu) [doc: Snow Radar Science mtg]
- High Mountain Summit (R. Nitu)

 5  Review of Action Items [Doc 5.1]


Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP)
- Status: Arctic and Antarctic Observing Periods (K. Werner) [Doc 6.1]
- MOSAiC Status and Satellite Observation Requirements (R. Kwok) [Doc 6.2] [Requirements letter]
- Current state of play: Progress, Achievements and Remaining Gaps in addressing Floating Ice User Requirements (S. Howell) [Doc 6.3]
- General Discussion of PSTG Contributions (Sea ice/Marine/Atmosphere) (All)


Addressing the High Mountain (HM) Observation Requirements
- Current State of Play: Progress, Achievements and Remaining Gaps in Addressing HM Glaciers/Snow User Requirements (F. Paul + D. Small) [Doc 7.1]
- PSTG feedback on Glacier Observation Requirements Doc (All) (F.Paul) [Doc 7.2]
- Discussion: PSTG response to HM Snow Observation Requirements (All)





Strategic Plan - Implementation Status

Ice Sheets/Ice Caps
- Current State of Play: Progress, Achievements and Remaining Gaps in Addressing Ice
- Sheet/Ice Cap User Needs (T. Nagler/ B. Scheuchl) [Doc 8.1]
- Discussion: PSTG response to Ice Sheet/Glacier observation gaps (All)

- Current State of Play: Progress, Achievements and Remaining Gaps in Addressing Permafrost User Needs (A. Bartsch) [Doc 8.2]
- Discussion: PSTG response to Permafrost observation gaps (All)

Terrestrial Snow
- Current State of Play: Addressing Terrestrial Snow Needs - *non HM (T. Nagler) [Doc 8.3]
- Discussion: PSTG response to Snow observation gaps (All)
- Future Plans: Snow Observations (C. Derksen) [Doc 8.4]


Reinforcing Antarctic Scientific User interface

- SCAR Earth Observation Action Group (C. Nath/A. Hogg) [Doc 9.1]
- Discussion: Engagement with SCAR (All)

10 Agency Progress
Annual Update: progress in addressing Strategic Goals - (Member Agencies) 15’ each
guideline: ASI [Doc 10.1], CNES [Doc 10.2], CSA [Doc 10.3], CONAE, CMA [Doc 10.4], DLR [Doc 10.5], ESA [Doc 10.6], EUMETSAT [Doc 10.7], INPE, ISRO [Doc 10.11], JAXA, NASA [Doc 10.8], NOAA/NESDIS [Doc 10.9], Planeta, USGS [Doc 10.10]


Continued Inter-agency Coordination (All)
- Extending PSTG Space Agency Membership? (All)
- SAR Coordination Mechanisms (G. Bawden/NASA) [Doc 11.1]
- Pending SAR CWG Action items (SAR CWG)
- Engaging Commercial operators – discussion (All)


Global Cryosphere User Requirements Coverage (All)
Stocktake: Global Cryosphere Gap Analysis & Discussion (All)


PSTG Outlook & Key Milestones

- Preparation for WMO Congress – PSTG inputs (WMO)
- Update of PSTG Strategic Plan 2015-2018 (M. Drinkwater)
- 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial (ASM2) Meeting (M. Drinkwater) [Doc 13.1]
- Chairmanship/Co-Chairmanship election for next term (All)
- PSTG Secretariat/WMO Space Office staffing outlook (W. Balogh) [Doc 13.2]



Reviews of Action Items [Doc 14.1]


Plans for Next Meeting

Background Documents / Information
INF. 1 PSTG Strategic Plan 2015-2018