The Eighth Session of the Inter-Commission Coordination Group on the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (ICG-WIGOS-8) was held at the WMO Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland, from 24 to 26 January 2019. The session was co-chaired by Dr Sue Barrell (Australia) and Prof Bertrand Calpini (Switzerland), Co-Chairs of ICG-WIGOS.

ICG-WIGOS reviewed the progress towards the implementation of WIGOS in the five key priority areas of the WIGOS pre-operational phase (2016-2019), and achievements of the ICG-WIGOS Task Teams. In this regard, ICG-WIGOS expressed its appreciation of the progress achieved and thanked all involved experts and contributors (see Item 4).

ICG-WIGOS was briefed about the GBON as a WIGOS approach to securing observational data for critical global weather and climate applications, and progress made in drafting the GBON provisions in the Manual on WIGOS (WMO-No. 1160) to clarify the obligations of the WMO Members in this regard. ICG-WIGOS expressed its strong support for the GBON development overall (see Item 5.2 and Item 7).

ICG-WIGOS was briefed on the progress achieved in the development of an integrated Vision for WIGOS in 2040 to be submitted to Cg-18. ICG-WIGOS endorsed the current version and requested the WMO Secretariat to finalize it and submit to Cg-18 (see Item 6).

It also considered the collaboration and engagement with cross-cutting WMO priorities areas, and achievements in the WIGOS main observing components (see Item 10).

ICG-WIGOS agreed on the six main priority areas, for the initial part of the WIGOS Operational Phase, beginning with the eighteenth WMO financial period (2020-2023): (1) National WIGOS implementation; (2) Implementation of the Global Basic Observing Network and the Regional Basic Observing Networks; (3) Operational deployment of the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System; (4) Operational deployment of Regional WIGOS Centres; (5) Further development of the Observing Systems Capability Analysis and Review (OSCAR) databases and integration with other system elements; (6) Fostering a culture of compliance with the WIGOS technical regulations (see Item 9).

ICG-WIGOS agreed on the deliverables to Cg-18 (see Item 11).

Working documents and presentations

Final Report