Commission for Basic Systems / Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
Inter-programme Coordination Team on Space Weather 
Fifth Meeting (ICTSW-5)
Date and time: Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 November 2014 - Start of the meeting: 09:30
Venue: Room 10, Building 36, European Commission, Joint Research Center, Ispra, Italy

Practical information on venue, access and accommodation 
(Please register on the JRC registration web site before 31 October : See email from L. Campé)

Final Report: Will be published here : Final meeting reports (after the meeting, as soon as available )

All PDF documents in a compressed (zip) folder: ICTSW-5 docs (as of 21 November)

Agenda Item Related Working Documents and Background Information
1.1 Welcome and introduction of participants
Doc.1.2: Provisional agenda (as of 6/11/2014)
1.3 Practical arrangements: Tentative meeting schedule (rev.1)
Co-chairs' report
Doc.2: Co-chairs' report

Outcome of relevant WMO, ITU and related meetings
3.1. WMO: EC-66, CIMO, CAeM, CBS-Ext(14), CGMS

Doc.3.1(1): Outcome of WMO meetings with relevance to space weather Rev.1
Doc.3.1(2): Ionosphere-atmosphere coordination workshop
Doc.3.1(3): Outcome of CGMS-42 with relevance to space weather
3.2. ITU activities related to space weather:  ITU presentation (V. Nozdrin)
Background information:
Doc.3.2: ITU discussions on space weather matters
Radio-frequency spectrum for space weather activities (submitted to SG-RFC,March 2014)


Four-year plan for WMO space weather activities
Doc.4(1): Four-year plan for WMO space weather activities

Attachment to Doc.4(1) Rev.1   (This is the main document!)
Doc.4(2): Outstanding actions and recommendations from previous meetings


Evolution of space weather observations
5.1. Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR) process
5.2.  Observation requirements database (OSCAR/Requirements)
5.3.  Observation requirements for space weather
5.4.  Gound-based observing capabilities: Doc.5.4: Geomagnetic observatories (L. Trichtchenko)
5.5.  Space-based observing capabilities: Doc.5.5: OSCAR/space (J.Lafeuille)
Doc.5.6. Statement of Guidance for future space weather observation (Draft update)

Data and product exchange in the context of the WMO Information System (WIS)
Doc. 6.1: Activity report of the WIS Pilot Project
Doc.6.2: ITU discussions on ionospheric products and formats
Operational space weather products and training
7.1. Space Weather Product Portal
7.2. Guidelines for regional geomagnetic disturbance products
7.3. New candidate products:  Doc.7.3: Products proposed by the KSWFC (K. Yoon)
7.4. Training material for the portal:oc.7.4: NOAA training material
7.5 Training strategy
Extreme space weather event warning
ICTSW-ISES collaboration
Doc.9: Draft exchange of letters between WMO and ISES

Any other business
- Presentations on JRC activities in space weather
GNSS ionospheric activities in JRC/Ispra
Prototyping a low-cost ionospheric scintillation monitoring receiver
The impact of space weather on power grids
Impact of an extreme space weather event on European space assets

Conclusion of the meeting
General Background Information
  Template for ICTSW-5 documents
  ICTSW Membership  (Updated in October 2014) 
  Final report of the fourth ICTSW meeting (Geneva, Nov. 2013)
  Final report of the third ICTSW meeting (Brussels, Nov. 2012)
  Final report of the second ICTSW meeting (Namur, Dec. 2011)
  Final report of the first ICTSW meeting (Boulder, Apr. 2011)