The IG3IS Stakeholder consultations and User Summit


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WMO is hosting the IG3IS Stakeholder Consultations and User Summit on 2-3 February 2023 at WMO Headquarters in Geneva to facilitate such a dialogue. This event will bring together key users from several sectors to engage in conversation with the IG3IS scientific community. WMO is inviting stakeholders and users to articulate their needs for data-driven GHG emission information at multiple scales (e.g., national, urban, facility). The scientific community developing IG3IS services will present existing capabilities that can either meet information needs and/or reframe expectations and understanding of emerging scientific capabilities.

This Summit will be preceded by the WMO International Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Symposium on 30 January- 1 February 2023.


link to the agenda outlineTo provide you with some guidance on the engagement opportunities please consult the outline of the agenda here

Guidance on additional and valuable emission-reduction actions is the ultimate criterion for IG3IS success. To ensure such success, IG3IS must be co-developed with the user communities it hopes to serve - those taking steps and planning policies to reduce GHG emissions.

Given that emission reduction actions are occurring at different scales and across economic sectors, IG3IS aims to tailor guidance and information development in direct response to these needs. The breadth of sectors and actors requires established dialogue between the technical solution providers, the scientific community, practitioners, the non-governmental community, and decision-makers.

The event will highlight the benefits of the information produced through the IG3IS pilot and demonstration projects. It will also identify gaps between current capabilities and emerging user requirements.

IF you need information about the GHG emissions of your facility, city, region, economic sector or country, you are invited to present your needs at the consultations. IF you are already integrating atmospheric observations in your emissions estimation, you are invited to share your experience and success stories. IF you are developing technical capabilities and would like to present those to potential users, you are invited to present your capabilities at the consultations as well.