Meeting on the Terms of Reference of Future CGMS Space Weather Activities

Meeting on the Terms of Reference of
Future CGMS Space Weather Activities
Date and time: Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 January 2014 - Start of the meeting: 09:00
Venue: Meeting Room 7 Lake (7th floor), WMO Headquarters, 7 bis av. de la Paix, Geneva, Switzerland

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Agenda Item Related Working Documents and Background Information
Welcome and introduction  (Agenda)  (Draft list of participants)

Round table dialogue on purpose of the working group.
Initial Draft Terms of Reference for CGMS Space Weather Activities


Using the OSCAR inventory (, initiate an assessment of the CGMS space weather missions, strengths and weaknesses, gaps and opportunities.

Missions for solar activity, solar wind and deep space monitoring  (List, evaluation and timeline)*
Missions for ionosphere and magnetosphere monitoring (List, evaluation and timeline)*
(* A filter is available on top of the timeline to display only the missions of CGMS Satellite Operators)

Discussion document: Space-based observation needs and related actions for consideration by CGMS

Background document: WMO Statement of Guidance for Space Weather Observations

Roles and responsibilities of space weather agencies discussion
Alignment between international space weather groups and CGMS space weather group
Background document: ICTSW-4/Doc.10.3, Appendices A to F
Develop a sufficiently detailed plan of actions and activities that will make the space weather group meaningful and productive.



General Background Information

Report of the CGMS-41 Ad-hoc Meeting on Space Weather

  CGMS home page:      and     CGMS-41 Report
  WMO EC-65 Resolution on Avoiding Gaps in Essential Space-based Observations

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