SAG Reactive Gases Meeting 2016

Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) on Reactive Gases

Stanley, 10-14 November 2016

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Meeting report

Meeting agenda and presentations

10 November 2016 (Thursday)


Welcome and local arrangements

[I. Galbally, M. Schultz, O. Tarasov]


Science presentations:


Lunch break


Business session

Status of GAW IP (Oksana)

SAG RG membership: upcoming rotations and discussion about new candidate members (all)

Introduction to EBAS and progress in establishing the GAW-WDCRG (Kjetil)

Status of documents (NOx and VOC guidelines, bulletin, others)

QA-SACs, funding, etc.

Internal and external communication – make more use of collaboration tools?


Coffee break


11 November 2016 (Friday)

GAW RG Network and data review:

After brief introductions on network coverage, measurement techniques, calibration issues, etc. for each species we shall break into small working groups to review the actual data of these species in the archive. Focus will be on data in the new WDCRG and identification of those series in WDCGG which should be resubmitted to WDCRG or transferred with highest priority (flagship data). A brief summary on each data series shall be produced to document the “data audit”.

[Connect with Martine Demaziere & Franz Rohrer 09:30 – 12:00 h]


Ozone (Ian ?)


CO (Christoph)


VOCs (Detlev ?)


Coffee break


NOx (Christian)


Introduction to EBAS and JOIN tools for data review (Kjetil and Martin)


Planning of data audit sessions


lunch break (lunch served at Town Hall venue)


Data review working groups (2-4 people per species and region)


Coffee break


Plenary: summary presentations from data reviews


12 November 2016 (Saturday)


Reports from recent meetings and discussion about strengthening the links to other programs and initiatives:

General discussion:

  • Contributing networks - what is their role (AGAGE is one example) and how we can improve collaboration/motivation
  • how do we work for resource mobilization for GAW activities (e.g. Green Climate Fund opportunities)
  • links with metrology community
  • links to modelling community in general (e.g. why measuring DMS is GAW and calculating a flux is a part of SOLAS)
  • links to health and agriculture and urban activities. (Oksana)


Coffee Break

[Connect with Martine Demaziere & Franz Rohrer 11:00 – 12:00 h]


Action items for SAG RG arising from the links to other programs and initiatives:


Lunch Break (Stanley Hotel, jointly with AGAGE)


Joint meeting with AGAGE

  • J. Elkins: A preliminary look at the first circuit of the Atmospheric Topography Mission (ATom-1).
  • J. Elkins: SF6 lifetime adjustment based on mesospheric loss measured in the stratospheric polar vortex.
  • R. Prinn: A brief AGAGE overview. M. Schultz: A brief overview of the reactive gases component in GAW.
  • D. Helmig: Analytical system and the first three years of atmospheric halogenated trace-gas data from Schneefernerhaus / Zugspitze.
  • A. Lewis: Status of OVOC measurements and QA. R. Steinbrecher: Contributions of AGAGE to GAW: A case study for GAW-VOC targets.
  • K. Tørseth: Data quality review arrangements in EBAS; 1 experiences from EMEP, ACTRIS, and GAW-WDCA; and the way forward for GAW-WDCRG.
  • M. Vollmer: AGAGE measurements of Non-Methane-Hydrocarbons.

Presentations will be followed by a structured discussion of synergies, collaboration, etc. between AGAGE and the WMO Reactive Gases SAG, and how to move forward


14 November 2016 (Monday)


Vision for GAW RG and planning of activities for 2017-2018

Specific persons should prepare and lead 30 min discussion on each section (to be discussed during SAG RG webex on Sept 20)

[Connect with Martine Demaziere & Franz Rohrer 09:00 – 12:00 h]


  • What are the needs for Reactive Gases?
  • Improving the network coverage (geographically and chemically)
  • Links to aircraft and satellite observations
  • Links to modelling activities (NRT and “value added products”)
  • Research Enabling Services (which customers to focus on first?)
  • Outreach (Further papers, sessions at meetings, bulletin, public lectures, brochures etc.)
  • Should we produce a Vision document?
  • Resource mobilization
  • Discussion about GAW Symposium March 2017



13:30-14:30 Wrap up