Viet Nam WMO CREWS-Canada Sub-Project Workshop on Impact-based Forecast and Warning Services (IBFWS)

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To introduce IBFWS to the staff of Vietnam National Meteorological and  Hydrological Authority (VNMHA), the National Disaster Management Authority and other stakeholders, and to train them  in the necessary skills  to enable them implement IBFWS and Communication in the country.  


The workshop is part of the WMO CREWS-Canada sub-project on Impact-Based Forecast and warning (IBFWS) for South East Asia and Pacific Small Island States.  It is organized by WMO  in collaboration with VNMHA and the participation of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP). It is coordinated by the WMO Disaster Risk Reduction and Public Service Branch (DRR-PS) of the Services Department, in collaboration with the Member Services and Development  Department

Information to Participants


Participants are requested to register by completing this  Workshop Registration Form.

Please also upload your passport-size photographs, to be used in the workshop report, here.

Workshop Programme

The Workshop Programme provides information on the sessions, objectives  and expected outcomes, workshop experts/lecturers, local facilitators and session timings.

Workshop Format

This is  a hybrid meeting constituting of live sessions (presentations and training by experts to participants) as well as self-guided sessions using pre-prepared training lessons and resources that  will be accessed on both the WMO and the COMET MetEd platform. 

Self-guided Sessions

The self-guided (or self-directed) sessions are planned to take place every day either in the morning or in the afternoon. Instructions or clarification of what will be expected of the participant will be provided during the live sessions. 

CometEd Platform: To access the COMET MetEd lessons, you will need to create an account. Please do this by clicking on the "sign up" link on the platform. (in case of problems creating an account, please send an email to:

To post a question during self-guided session: Submit it by clicking on this link to writing questions during self guided sessions. Responses to the questions posted during the self-guided session will be provided at the beginning of sessions on the following day.

Live sessions

Live sessions will be conducted through video conferencing. Each session will last about 3 hours starting 0900hrs or at 1400hrs (Hanoi time). A 20-minute break will provided. Please note the following:

  • Live sessions will be started 30 minutes early in order to allow everyone to log in before commencement of the session and to allow testing of sound and video quality.
  • The local facilitator will coordinate the session locally in liaison with the lecturer.
  • Since this is an online workshop, lecturers will make presentations, uninterrupted.
  • Participants may therefore post questions using the chat or Q&A facility of the conference platform
  • The local facilitator will manage the Chat with support from WMO.
  • All the sessions will be recorded and shared later.

Workshop Training Materials  & Resources

The workshop training materials and other resources  are accessible through links provided in the Workshop Programme .

WMO Certificate 

All participants who attend the Workshop fully will receive a WMO certificate of attendance for the Workshop. 

Comet Certificate 

On the COMET MetEd platform, you will take a self-guided quiz on Friday Morning 04 December 2020. If you receive a score equal to or higher than the pass mark, you will receive a certificate for this particular COMET IBF training. Certificates are provided as PDF files that you can download and print. Please note that you can always retake the quiz (if you strive for a higher score).