WMO Information System (WIS) - IOC Ocean InfoHub (OIH) Telecon-20210129

WMO Information System (WIS) - IOC Ocean InfoHub (OIH) meeting was held online from 12:00 to 13:00 UTC on 29 January 2021. 


1)      Introductions
2)      WIS introduction
     a.    Brief overview of WIS
     b.    WIS expert teams and key roles/activities
3)      OIH/ODIS introduction
     a.    Brief overview of Ocean InfoHub (OIH) and Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS)
     b.    Work packages and key roles/activities
4)      Possible areas of collaboration
     a.    Engagement – promoting the WIS and OIH/ODIS, opening communications so we can promote each other’s initiatives when engaging stakeholders, sharing information on our respective networks of stakeholders
     b.   Technical development/investigations – schema.org work, co-design/development (connecting WIS and OIH/ODIS technical teams)

Meeting Documents