Workshop on WICAP and Meeting of the RA III Task Team on Aircraft-Based Observations

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Following the recent 18th Congress of WMO (Cg-18) and its approval of  Resolution 6.1(2)/1, Establishment of the Collaboration Between the International Air Transport Association and WMO on the Development and Operation of the Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay (AMDAR) Programme, and also Resolution 13 (RA III-17), Development of the Region III AMDAR Programme under the IATA-WMO collaboration on AMDAR, it has now been established that the WMO Regional Association III will proceed with the development and establishment of the Region III AMDAR Programme under the WMO-IATA Collaborative AMDAR Programme (WICAP), over 2020 to 2021. This workshop and meeting will be a critical first step in this process from which recommendations to the RA and a plan for development of the RA III AMDAR Programme will be outputs.

Program & Agenda

Aims of workshop (24-25 March, 2020)

  • IATA and WMO collaboration on AMDAR and turbulence monitoring.
  • Benefits and impacts of aircraft-based observations to meteorology and to aviation.
  • Use of aircraft data to support improved flight operations.
  • AMDAR and turbulence data meteorological use and applications.
  • Business case and requirements for WICAP participation.
  • Airline experiences, perspectives and benefits.
  • National partnerships, regional perspectives and future collaboration on WICAP and turbulence implementation.

Aims of RA III TT-ABO meeting (25-26 March, 2020)

  • Explain WICAP Framework
  • Explain WICAP work packages for RA III TT-ABO
  • Identify RA III TT-ABO membership
  • Develop strategy and plans for RA III WICAP implementation
  • Develop initial recommendations to RA III management on RA III WICAP implementation plans and operational structure