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WWRP - Scientific Steering Committee - SSC

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9th session of the WWRP SSC

(WMO Headquarters, Geneva, 24-27 October 2016)



Monday 24 October - WWRP SSC and Working Group separated - closed sessions - Salle 6 Lake Documents Presentations
1. Welcome and Introduction
1.1 Welcome and Agenda discussion
1.2 Global Data-processing and Forecasting Systems
1.3 Weather, Environmental and Climate Enterprise
2. Revision of the next 2 year Implementation plan and previous year actions    
2.1 Previous year actions
2.2 Analysis of Working Groups and Projects next 2 years detailed plan  
3. Working Groups and Projects 2016-2017 - Progress and Plans    
3.1 2 years project activities
Tuesday 25 October - WWRP SSC open session- Salle C1
1. Welcome and Introduction
1.1 Welcome and organization
1.2 Welcome and WMO priorities    
1.3 Weather, Environmental and Climate Enterprise
2. Working Groups and projects in 2016-2017 - Progress and Plans    
2.1 Polar Prediction Project
2.2 Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project
2.3 High Impact Weather Project
2.4 Societal and Economic Research Applications Working Group  
2.5 Forecast Verification Research Working Group
2.6 Tropical Meteorology Research Working Group  
2.7 Predictability, Dynamics and Ensemble Forecasting Working Group
2.8 Data Assimilation and Observing System Working Group
2.9 Nowcasting and Mesoscale Research Working Group
- Progress and Plan of ICE-POP2018

2.10 Weather Modification Expert Team
2.11 Aviation
2.12 Sand and Dust Storm Advisory
Wednesday 26 October - WWRP SSC open session- Salle C1    
1. WWRP Implementation Plan and potential links to international initiatives    
1.1 WWRP Implementation Plan
Draft 1st booklet
Draft 2nd booklet
1.2 Global Atmosphere Watch Programme
1.3 World Climate Research Programme    
1.4 Commission for Hydrology  
1.5 The Global Data-Processing and Forecasting System (GDPFS)  
1.6 Young Earth System Scientists
1.7 Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
1.8 Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX)
Thursday 27 October - WWRP SSC closed session - Salle 6 Lake