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GAW | Response of atmospheric carbon dioxide to reduced emissions due to the COVID-19 shutdown

The response of atmospheric carbon dioxide to reduced emissions due to the COVID-19 lockdown has been presented in the UNFCCC special event  "SBSTA Chair information event with the scientific community". The recording and additional material are available here.

Key messages:

  1. Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continue to increase
  2. Long-term observations coordinated by the WMO demonstrated substantial interannual variability in the concentration annual growth rate that was largely driven by the natural processes (biosphere).
  3. The separation between natural variability and the one influence by lock-down measures will require datasets over longer time and sophisticated model analysis (helped also by use of isotope measurements).
  4. The most substantial impact of the shutdown emission reductions on atmospheric GHG concentrations has been observed in urban areas.
  5. Continued long-term observations under different conditions combined with comprehensive analysis can serve as a guiding tool to see where we go through the economic recovery process and can guide the corrective actions.