GAW | Statement on the low-cost sensors for atmospheric composition

The virtual event on the statement on low-cost sensors for atmospheric composition takes place on 16 to 17 February. More information and registration is available here.

The development and use of low cost sensors to monitor reactive air pollutants, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases has continued to accelerate and is a tool used throughout academic research, regulatory surveillance, and serves the public interest by individual, government, and business users.
This report provides a comprehensive update on the use and operation of low-cost sensing devices for assessing atmosphere chemical composition. The original report, published by WMO in 2018, was fully revised to update new scholarly understanding of low-cost sensors that has been published in the peer-reviewed literature
This report contains a new section on communication of low-cost sensors.
The report was developed in collaboration with WHO, UNEP, EMEP and IGAC.