Registration open for 2020 NextGEOSS Summit

The Fourth NextGEOSS Summit will take place online on 5 to 9 October 2020, from 10:30 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST.

In the spirit of the NextGEOSS concept and design, these sessions will be fully user-oriented. Each session will present market offering and value proposition, results, success stories, challenges faced, lessons learnt and potential extensions for a sustainable contribution to EuroGEO and GEO system of systems. Each session will also offer some discussion time to address questions and shape the future.

The project has identified several user profiles and has designed several offers and unique services for each.

More information and registration:

For the last three years, the NextGEOSS project has been developing a centralised European Earth Observation data hub and platform with a view to make data, resources and cloud services available and seamlessly connected. The vision of NextGEOSS is to concur towards an integrated ecosystem for supporting the deployment of Earth Observation-based applications and services in Europe, as part of a broader scope.

You can access all this data in the NextGEOSS catalogue recently launched on


Session 1: Discover and Access Earth Observation data and services from the NextGEOSS Data hub – for data users;

Session 2: Make your Earth Observation data and services visible via the NextGEOSS Data hub – for data providers;

Session 3: Integrate and deploy your Earth Observation application in the Cloud with NextGEOSS – for application developers;

Session 4: From NextGEOSS H2020 Project to Next-EOS GEO Community Activity: Contribution to EuroGEO, GEO/GEOSS – for GEO stakeholders;

Session 5: Results