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Monitoring Data Collection Campaign 2021-2022

Dear Members, 

We are launching this data collection campaign with the aim to operationalize the monitoring component of the WMO Community Platform. The information will be used to: 

  • Monitor implementation of the WMO Strategic Plan along Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We encourage you to visit the WMO KPI Dashboard, whose features will allow you to search the baseline data by Strategic Objective, region and Member.  
  • Develop a Performance Assessment Report for 2020-2021. 
  • Update the Member Profiles on the WMO Community Platform. 
  • Conduct diagnostics of Members’ capacity.  
  • Support the Policy Advisory Committee in its deliberations on the Strategic Plan 2024-2027.  

Whereas all data from the legacy Country Profile Database was migrated to the new WMO Community Platform, the old system did not register the date and time of all updates. We therefore have grounds to believe that the available information is considerably outdated.

This is a one-time endeavour to collect the data afresh. After this, Members will be able to update the information directly on the Community Platform. It will be complemented with data from the Hydrological Survey conducted last year, the ongoing update of the Database on the Status of Human Resources and Development of Competencies in NMHS, and data from WMO systems.


Biennial Report

Some guidelines you may find useful:  

  • The dataset is divided in parts 1-7 with separate links so that Permanent Representatives could easily assign the respective part to the relevant NMS department.  
  • Pdf files are downloadable to facilitate your internal consultations but we kindly request that all submissions be done online by clicking on the respective button on the right-hand side of this page.

For each part:

  • You can freely change your responses until you click “Complete.” Once completed, you will not be able to edit them further.  

  • If you close the browser page before completing, your responses will be lost. We therefore recommend that you respond to each section in one go.

The WMO Regional Offices stand ready to assist you with any technical support you may need. Feel free also to contact us at  


We would appreciate your contribution urgently


Links to the Questionnaires and PDF Files

Links PDF Files
1. NMS Mandate and PPE Part 1 - PDF
2. Strategic Planning  Part 2 - PDF
3. Budget Part 3 - PDF
4. Infrastructure Part 4 - PDF
5. Services Part 5 - PDF
6. Early Warnings and DRR Part 6 - PDF
7. Research and Innovation Part 7 - PDF
 Hydrology Hydrology - PDF


Thank you in advance. 


The WMO Secretariat 

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