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Training opportunities


Training events and opportunities

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"Time series analysis" conference and training school, 28 - 31 January 2019, Tromsø, Norway. More information

European Research course on Atmospheres (ERCA), 6 January - 2 February 2019, Grenoble, France. More information

Hyytiälä Winter School 2019 – Advanced Analysis of Atmosphere-Surface Interactions and Feedbacks, 4 - 15 March 2019, Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, Finland. More information
Cloudnet Training School, 11 - 15 March 2019, LMU Munich, Germany. More information
Aerosol particle organic analytical training course, Option 1: 25 - 29 March 2019, Option 2: 1 - 5 April 2019, TROPOS, Leipzig, Germany. More information
Next Generation of Polar Researchers Leadership Symposium, 5 - 11 May 2019, Catalina Island, CA, USA. More information

3rd HAAR-PANACEA Summer School on Theory and practice of aerosol chemistry and engineering for climate, air quality, emissions and health effects at Navarino Environmental Observatory, 6 - 12 June 2019, Greece. More information

Summer School of First steps in Biosphere-Atmosphere Modelling, 10 - 20 June 2019, Lund University, Sweden. More information; Application form
Atmospheric Composition and the Asian Monsoon (ACAM) 3rd Training School and 4th Workshop, 26 - 28 June 2019, Universiti Kebangsan, Malaysia. More information

São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Atmospheric Aerosols: Properties, Measurements, Modeling, and Effects on Climate and Health, 22 July - 2 August, 2019, São Paulo, Brazil. More information