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WWRP Joint Projects

Criteria for WWRP Joint Projects

1. Project committed to working internationally, committed to the concept of Science for Services and, through engagement in WWRP, to making their advances available to the international community, and in particular to developing countries

2. The project should have long-term (at least three years) independent funding.

3. Project aims are aligned with the WWRP Implementation Plan through the Action Areas, as determined by the SSC.

4. The outcomes of the project will benefit the WWRP Community, for example in the form of published scientific advances, common exploitation of data, diagnostic tools, and software, and training. A plan for how this will take place will be agreed on.

5. The project will report to WWRP in the framework of the WWRP IP (Action Areas) but in a manner that is aligned with the project's own reporting structure. The project will respond to recommendations and requests from WWRP.

6. The project will promote the association with WWRP as part of its own communication strategy


Ongoing Projects

The Waves to Weather Project