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Full Name:

Nanette Lomarda


Nanette Lomarda was an Instructor in Meteorology and Oceanography in a Naval Institute before she joined the Philippine Met Service (PAGASA) as a Meteorologist in 1978. Aside from her duties in PAGASA as a Typhoon Forecaster and her part-time teaching job she also was a weather presenter for the Government's television station. She headed PAGASA's Weather and Typhoon Forecasting Section as Supervising Meteorologist before being seconded to the WMO/ESCAP Typhoon Committee Secretariat (TCS) as its Meteorologist in 1995. After 5 years with the TCS she then joined WMO's Tropical Cyclone Programme Division as Scientific Officer and in 2006 moved to WMO's World Weather Research Programme as Senior Scientific Officer.

Activities at WMO:

Currently, she is tasked to coordinate the activities of 3 WWRP Working Groups (i.e. WGTMR, JWFGVR, WGSERA) and 4  Projects for WWRP (i.e. AvRDP, UPDRAFT, TLFDP, EXOTICCA). She is also the WWRP focal point for the ICE-POP Project, Monitoring & Evaluation and  Programme Manager for Polar Prediction Project.


Email: nlomarda @ wmo.int