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Full Name:

Paolo Ruti


Dr Paolo Ruti is designing and implementing research and research-to-operation activities across weather and climate topics. He significantly contributed to the Earth System Science development as a scientist and leader in several international projects. He was coordinator of the first EU project on Climate Services (CLIMRUN) and working with the EU commission on climate services development. He was involved in multiple international agendas (UNFCCC, Paris Agreement, Sendai Framework, Public-Private partnership) and Earth Observation strategies (EUMETSAT, Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites) and is a member of executive committees and scientific steering groups (European Climate Research Alliance, WCRP-GEWEX). He is author and co-author of more than 65 peer reviewed papers.

Activities at WMO:

He is currently the head of WWRP and as such coordinating the efforts of the program. 


Email: pruti @ wmo.int