3rd Meeting of the Study Group on Integrated Energy Services (SG-ENE)

group photo



  1. Opening and reviewing previous topics (Alberto T.)
  2. Updates on SERCOM: outcomes from Management Group Meetings (Roberta B.) 
  3. Highlights on the UN-Energy activities and Energy Compact (Roberta B.)
  4. Highlights from the first round of “bilateral coffee meetings” (Hamid B.)
  5. Highlights from connecting with stakeholders (Speaking at webinars, reviewing reports, etc.) (Hamid B.) 
  6. Introducing Faten Bahar, Focal Point – WMO Research Board (Alberto T.)
  7. Overview of the publication content of the Energy Exemplar update: presentation by the consultant Elah Matt (Alberto T.)
    • Discussion and agreement on the publication outline and lead authors (Alberto T.)
  8. Update on the capacity development activities (Roberta B.) 
    • Summer school on climate and energy (Sep-Oct 2021) 
    • Training course: weather and climate services in Kazakhstan and Central Asia (Mar-April 2022) 
  9. Next meeting date and AOB (Alberto T.)


Links to the presented activities (Agenda item 3 and 5)