Expert Team on Agromet Capacity Development and Communication (ET-ACDC)


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  • Completed updated supplement to WMO-No. 1083 on agricultural meteorology, Guide to the Implementation of Education and Training Standards in Meteorology and Hydrology, Volume I – Meteorology, which will replace WMO-No. 258, Supplement 2;
  • Updated list of available and recommended agricultural meteorological textbooks for a range of levels of formal education and informal training as well as e-learning;
  • Agrometeorological training modules for farmer and extension agent use in training events and WMO Regional Training Centres (RTCs) courses in conjunction with the Global Centres of Research and Excellence in AgroMeteorology (GCREAMs) and other institutions that offer education and training in agricultural meteorology (i.e. universities);

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1st Meeting of the SC-AGR ET-ACDC, 19 April 2021


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