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Aircraft-based Observations Data GTS Access

Aircraft-based observational data can be accessed from the WMO Global Telecommunications System.

The general requirements for transmission of data on the GTS are described in the WMO Manual on Codes, WMO-No. 306.


AMDAR data is currently transmitted in both text (FM42, see Manual on Codes, Volume I.1 Alphanumeric Codes) and binary (BUFR) (FM94, see Manual on Codes, Volume I.2 Binary Codes) formats.

AMDAR Data by Progamme and Format
 Programme  Data Type  Aircraft Identity Format
Australia  FM42 AUnnnn (Qantas & Jetstar Australia)
SGnnnn (Jetstar Asia out of Singapore)
Canada  BUFR CNJCAnnn
China FM42  B-nnnn
European Union

BUFR and FM42
(not duplicated)

Hong Kong China BUFR HKnnnn

BUFR and FM42

Korea BUFR HLnnnn
New Zealand

BUFR and FM42

South Africa FM42 AZFAnn
SAnnnn (AAA V2 no longer in use)
USA BUFR xxxxxxxA
Vanuatu FM42  VAnnnn


  • n represents numerals 0 to 9
  • x represents characters A to Z and numerals 0 to 9

Aircraft-based Observation Data Online Access

Global Data Centre for Aircraft-Based Observations

The USA is the WMO designated Global Data Centre for ABO, for which NOAA provides the functional requirements through its Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)

Access to ABO historical data and the Aircraft Display system can be obtained via the GDC ABO Home Page

Data Displays

MADIS currently provides two ABO graphic displays, Public and Restricted. Both displays feature the same functionality with access to view archive data, flight points, flight paths, skew-t plots, skew-t information, variable information and more. The differences between the two displays are that the Restricted display requires MADIS approval and user access through the Data Application above while the Public display does not, and the Public display restricts user access to publicly available and unrestricted ABO data only.

MADIS Aircraft Display (Public) - most recent (last 2 days data) is not available to the public
MADIS Aircraft Display (Restricted) - provides access to real-time data for WMO Member data users - access is validated by MADIS

NOAA Global Systems Division AMDAR Data Viewer

The USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL), Global Systems Division hosts an online site for display and monitoring of aircraft-based observations data on the GTS.

The ESRL/GSD AMDAR Data Display is provided via two alternative applications, one relying on the Java platform and the other not requiring Java.

A demonstration version (data less that 48 hours old are not shown) of the AMDAR Data Display java application is available here.

The operational GSD AMDAR Data Display site and applications are available to WMO Members that require its use for aircraft-based observations and AMDAR data display and monitoring, upon request and approval by GSD. Contact the Secretariat for more information.

More information on the ESRL/GSD AMDAR Data Display and the USA AMDAR/MDCRS Programmes is available from the NOAA/ESRL/GSD Aircraft Data Web.