Aviation | News | 2023-09-05 | New WMO electronic library to access publications in aeronautical meteorology and other areas

WMO recently launched a new and improved electronic library at URL: https://library.wmo.int/

The e-Library provides free access to a vast collection of WMO publications on meteorology, climatology, hydrology and related fields, including aeronautical meteorology.

It contains materials produced by WMO, jointly produced with other agencies, or sponsored/co-sponsored by WMO, as well as legacy publications by WMO’s predecessor – the International Meteorological Organization (IMO).

The WMO e-Library offers a variety of search, filtering and browsing options. Users can also create custom collections, bookmark search results, and receive notifications of new uploads. For more information on how to use the e-Library, please consult the Help page. Any other inquiries may be sent via the Contact form.

The WMO Secretariat has sought to update a multitude of URLs to WMO publications accessible via the Services for Aviation website, including those that appear on this publications resource sub-page. Anyone who finds a broken URL within the Services for Aviation website is kindly requested to notify the WMO Secretariat (aviation@wmo.int). 

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