Aviation | News | 2024-03-13 | A new (2023) edition of the Guide to Services for Aviation (WMO-No. 732) is now available

WMO is pleased to announce that a new (2023) edition of the Guide to Services for Aviation (WMO-No. 732) has been published today.

The guide provides an overview of aeronautical meteorological services. It covers topics that include the governance of service provision, interactions between service providers and aviation users and other stakeholders, the framework and structure behind the service provision, and the production and delivery of observations, forecasts and other information to aviation users.

The 2023 edition of WMO-No. 732 is available here on the WMO e-Library in the English language. Several other official WMO language versions will be published in due course. 

Access to this and numerous other publications of relevance to aeronautical meteorology is available via the WMO Services for Aviation website here.

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