Managing Interconnected Power Grids for Carbon Neutral Electricity

 Venue: WMO-IPCC-UKMO Pavilion and Virtual

(Friday, 12 November, 11:30-12:30 UK time)


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As climate change and weather and climate extreme events increasingly pose threats to the stability of our energy supply, building resilient renewable energy towards achieving net-zero emission 2050 targets on the national and international levels is of critical importance. The role of weather and climate services for the current and future power grids is crucial to increase energy infrastructure resiliency, which in turn, will guarantee more secure and reliable green electricity services to the society.



This event will explore the requirements of the power sector to access and interpret weather, water, and climate information in order to optimize the power generation and securing supply of low-carbon electricity. The event will also touch upon the social-economic synergies through the lenses of climate change and energy transition. Our speakers combining industrial, technical, and scientific perspectives, will:

  • Provide an overview of the imposed risks of weather extremes and climate change to the power sector; Discuss the importance of weather and climate services to increase the resiliency of the power supply chain, presenting case studies in China and other countries;
  • Stress the need for decarbonizing global and national energy mix under energy transition, and to deliver clean energy at speed and scale, highlighting the role of decentralized options by providing successful examples in China;
  • Elaborate energy transition challenges and opportunities for electricity, and discuss the role of weather and climate services to address the needs, including accurate weather and climate forecasts, etc.;
  • Depict future path towards more complex, interconnected smart grids under climate change, and illustrate the role of data and technology in this journey;


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WMO (Lead), WEMC



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