COP26 side-event: Collaborative actions to mainstream climate resilience into energy planning and policies

Virtual and physical (Resilience Hub: Blue Zone, Hall 5)

(Thursday, 4 November, 09:15-10:45 UK time)


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As climate change increasingly poses threats to the stability of our energy supply, building resilient energy systems on the national and international levels is of critical importance. While collaborative action is vital to addressing threats posed by climate change, many organisations and governments’ energy policies still lack the resilience planning necessary to avoid significant risks to the energy sector. When a climate-driven disruption occurs, the significant socioeconomic costs of interrupted energy supply spreads across society, often disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups. Mainstreaming climate resilience into energy planning and policies is therefore needed to ensure climate resilience that not only fosters reliable energy supply, but also promotes broader social and economic goals.



This event will discuss the threats faced by the energy sector in the face of climate change and how collaborative actions can support mainstreaming climate resilience into energy planning and policies on the national and international levels. It will provide an opportunity to bring together various stakeholders to share best practices, and identify how to accelerate the shift to cleaner and more resilient energy systems.



The livestream will be shown on Resilience Hub webpage: COP Resilience Hub - A physical and virtual Resilience Hub at COP26 (