COP26 side-event: The role of science in net-zero transition

 Venue: WMO-IPCC-UKMO Pavilion and Virtual

(Thursday, 4 November, 16:30-17:30 UK time)

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Background, Objective, & format:

Scientific evidence to support the net-zero transition has been presented from a variety of disciplines, in particular engineering, social and political sciences. This event will explore best-practise in the use of science to support ambitious climate action. We will begin with a short link to the activities of the Met Office and UK academic community earlier this year, to highlight the existing dialogue between the scientific community and policymaking and set the context for our event. This will be followed by three different case studies covering a range of critical disciplines to support the net-zero transition, including scenario analysis, physical and technology science, and social/political science. Each case study will cover the following areas: 

  • How this discipline has been used to support climate action;
  • How this connection could be done better/more/in different contexts;
  • What gaps this discipline can help address.

The case studies will be followed by a panel discussion. This will allow cross-disciplinary dialogue about best-practise in the use of science to support climate action and will spotlight political science’s role. Discussion questions will include: What does best-practice in the use of science to achieve a net-zero future look like? What are we doing wrong – why has thirty years of scientific evidence not bent the emissions curve yet? How can we share expertise and best-practise in the use of scientific evidence to accelerate climate action? The event will conclude with a Q&A to allow audience participation (both in-person and remote) 


Lead organization(s): 

WMO and The Grantham Institute- Climate Change and the Environment, at Imperial College London

Supporting organizations:

MET Office, WEMC 




Recorded video: