IPC-XIII proceedings

      Proceedings of the Symposium on Radiation Measurement           

            held in conjunction with IPC-XIII, FRC-V and IPgC-III   

       27 Sept. - 15 Oct. 2021, Davos, Switzerland


The Symposium on Radiation Measurement was held in conjunction with the Thirteenth International Pyrheliometer Comparison (IPC-XIII), the Third International Pyrgeometer Comparison (IPgC-III) and the Fifth Filter Radiometer Comparison (FRC-V) at the Physikalisch-Meteorologisches Observatorium Davos/World Radiation Centre (PMOD/WRC). The table below provides the list of all presentations given at the symposium. There are also 11 proceeding papers related to some of those presentations, these articles are provided through the links indicated in bold fonts (in column 'Title'). Recordings of the presentations are available through the links provided in column 'rec', when available.

Organizers of the Symposium: Margit Haberreiter (chair), Wolfgang Finsterle






Presentations made on 29.09.2021    
1 Status of the WSG status Finsterle W. ppt rec
2 Reference pyranometer calibration procedures in national radiation center Central Europe Nagy Z., Pribullová A. and Pokorný J.  ppt rec
3 The Global Atmospheric Watch and homogenization activities of aerosol networks at PMOD/WRC Kazadzis S., Kouremeti N. and 

Gröbner J.

ppt rec
4 Solar, STELLAR and lunar photometry Doppler L.  ppt rec


Solar irradiance measurement: update of development of standards in ISO and IEC

Van den Bos K. and Cornelis J.

ppt rec
6 ”Some thoughts about our cavities” Suter M.  ppt rec
7 Snapshots of the 2019 ISRC Pavanello D., Zaaiman W., Galleano R. and  Noseda F.  ppt rec


Lunar photometry

Barreto A.

ppt rec


Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (... the National Metrology Institute of Germany)

Friedrich D. ppt rec
Presentations made on 04.10.2021    
1 Using an Absolute Cavity Pyrgeometer to Validate the Calibration of a Transfer Standard Pyrgeometer Outdoors, Independent from the Reference Value of the Atmospheric Longwave Irradiance Reda I., Andreas A. and Gotseff P. ppt rec
2 On the characterization of an AHF cavity radiometer and its traceability to WRR/SI Balenzategui J.L., De Lucas J., Cuenca J., Molero M., Romero M.C., Fabero F., Silva J., Mejuto E. and Ibañez F. ppt rec
3 Diffraction Corrections for CSAR and for everyone Suter M. and Finsterle W.  ppt rec
4 Solarimetric network and outdoor calibration of radiometers for use in solar energy applications in Uruguay Laguarda A., Russo P., and Abal G.  ppt rec
5 University of Oregon SRML comprehensive format code Peterson, J. and Vignola, F.  ppt rec
6 99 years of global radiation observations in Stockholm 1922-2020 Josefsson W. and Carlund T.  ppt rec
7 Radiometry at the German Weather Service: Networks, methods and outcomes Wacker S., Becker R., Doppler L.,          Acquah C., and Knöfel A. ppt rec

A Solar Radiation Network for the Atacama Desert

Sepúlveda E., Cordero R., and Jorquera J.




DNI and GHI measurements carried out by the University of Santiago of Chile during the IPC-XIII

Sepúlveda E., Jorquera J. and Cordero R.

9 Regional Radiation Center (RRC) Tokyo in the WMO RA-II Sasaki S., Saito A., Nakamura M., and Ohkawara N.  ppt  
Presentations made on 05.10.2021    
1 The HF-Radiometer in active mode Suter M. and Buchli J. ppt rec
2 Development and significance of IRS-04 radiometer Ohkubo K.  ppt rec
3 Extending the Calibration Traceability of Longwave Radiation Time-Series (ExTrac) Nyeki S., Gröbner J., Vuilleumier L., Lanconelli C., Driemel A., Maturilli M., Schmithüsen H. and Ohkawara N. ppt rec


Data fusion of total solar irradiance composite time series using 40 years of satellite measurements: first results

Montillet J.-P., Finsterle W., Kermarrec G., Schmutz W., Haberreiter M., Sikonja R., and Dudok de Wit T.

ppt rec
5 Eruptive events Barczynski K., and Solar Physics Group at PMOD/WRC ppt rec
6 ASTERIX: a CubeSat to measure the Total Solar Irradiance and Earth’s radiation budget for climate monitoring Schifano L. ppt  
7 The Modification of Shade/Unshade Method of Std Pyranometer Calibration Sources of the Uncertainty Pokorny J.  ppt  
8 From Sunlight to Power The History of Achieving a Globally Harmonised Approach to Photovoltaic Measurement Müllejans H., Zaaiman W., and

Dunlop E.

9 Introduction of radiation observations at Korea GAW stations

Kim S., Jung W., Shin D., Moon S.,

Kim  J.H.,  and Chung C. Y.

Presentations made on 07.10.2021    
1 Upgrade of the Cryogenic Solar Absolute Radiometer (CSAR) and the Monitor to measure the Integral TRAnsmittance (MITRA) Engler N., Finsterle W., and Soder R. ppt  
2 The World Infrared Standard Group Status report Gröbner J. and Thomann C. ppt  
3 Blackbody Comparison Measurements for Improved Traceability of Longwave Downward Radiation Measurements Feierabend M., Gröbner J., Reiniger M., Fehse D., Müller I., and Monte C.  ppt  

Testing Two Calibration Models Using Silicon-Photodiode Pyranometer (LICOR200) Measurements under the Libyan Geographic and Climatic Conditions: Tripoli City Case

The Libyan Center for Solar Energy research and studies

Essnid A., Hafaf A., Abdunnabi M., and Bouaishy A. 





5 Radiometric standard group in Russia and organization of the unit transfer to the Russian solar radiometric network Rodionov A. and Lakovlev V.  ppt  
6 Cherry Blossom Evidence for solar forcing on the terrestrial climate Schmutz W.  ppt  
7 Mexican reference solarimetric network Gonzalez-Cabrera A.E, Riveros-Rosas D, Valdés-Barrón M, Bonifaz-Alfonzo R., and Estevez-Perez H.R.  ppt  
8 Solar Radiation distribution over Egypt using NCEP/CFSR solar data Wael K., Mohamed K., and El Shahat A. ppt  
9 A Reflection on IPC-XIII Hiscock D. ppt  
10 Global atmospheric watch station of Tamanrasset Baika S. and

Eloualid Ben Mohammed M.

Presentations made on 12.10.2021    
1 Benchmarking of Solar Irradiance Data Jensen A.R. ppt  
2 Irradiance sounding up to the lower stratosphere Becker R., Wacker S., and Doppler L. ppt  
3 A CubeSat to measure Sun-Earth Imbalance

Amand J., Nevens S., Schifano L., and Conscience C.

Presentations made on 13.10.2021    
1 A new equation for ACPs

Forgan B., Gröbner J., and Reda I.

2 Retrospection to Last Decade of Digitally Controlled Radiometers for Space Application from the Engineering Perspective Cerny R.  ppt  
3 TSI and Earth OLW Measurements with CLARA onboard NorSat-1

Haberreiter M., Finsterle W., Montillet J.-P., Pfiffner D., Gyo M., Anderse B., Walter B., and Schmutz W.

4 First results from the PMO8 Suter M.  ppt  
5 First IPC Results Finsterle W.  ppt  
6 Radiation-related activities within new WMO Constituent Body structure Premec K. ppt