Task Teams on GBON implementation and compliance monitoring

The INFCOM management group at its meeting held on November 18,2021, decided to establish a Task Team on GBON Implementation, which would report directly to the Group. More information on GBON Implementation and activities of the task team could be found through the link below: 

While Congress is expected to adopt initial composition of GBON, the new phase to monitor GBON compliance has been initiated. Some criteria defined and tools developed needed to be improved and completed, and guidance will have to be provided to the Secretariat concerning the production of the quarterly and yearly reporting on GBON compliance. In the meanwhile, SOFF and the WMO Technical Authority for SOFF will also need strong support per its Terms of Reference, with most part of the tasks of the Authority falling under the Infrastructure Commission and the Infrastructure Department in the Secretariat. 

With the aforementioned in mind, the president of INFCOM met on February 2023 with the TT-GBON Chair and co-Chair, the SC-ON Chair and the Secretariat agreed to disband TT-GBON and establish TT-GBON-Next under SC-ON umbrella. More information on GBON compliance monitoring and SOFF support activities could be found through the link below: