The WMO Core Metadata Profile (WCMP) of the ISO 19115 Metadata Standard

The WCMP is defined in Appendix C of the Manual on the WMO Information System (WMO-No. 1060), and guidance for creating WCMP is provided in Part V of the Guide to WMO Information System (WMO-No. 1061)

Templates and Examples




  1. GeoNetwork-ANZMEST, with WCMP validation tool: https://sourceforge.net/projects/anzmest/files/bom-releases/. This directory contains the Australian Bureau of Meteorology releases of ANZMEST 2.10.x (based on GeoNetwork), which include the WCMP 1.3 editing and validation tool. For instructions on running the software and validation tool, see the WIS Wiki page on validation tools below;

  2. Old WIS Wiki page on validation tools: https://old.wmo.int/wiswiki/tiki-index.php%3Fpage=MDG_Test.html

  3. GeoNetwork-ANZMEST – BOM branch: https://sourceforge.net/projects/anzmest/files/bom-releases/ (includes 19115:2006, 19115:INSPIRE).



legacy resources that are no longer maintained but may still have relevant information 


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