Following are the key aims that were identified in the WICAP Concept of Operations

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A detailed explanation of how these aims are expected to be met is provided here.
  • Expanded and enhanced global AMDAR coverage that will contribute to meeting the national, regional and global requirements for upper-air observations under the WMO Rolling Review of Requirements, including focusing on efforts to extend water vapour and turbulence measurements globally.
  • Implementation of a more efficient and simplified process for airlines to join and contribute.
  • Improved processes for the establishment and provision of requirements for AMDAR data by meteorological services and data users, based primarily on the WMO Rolling Review of Requirements and as a component system contributing to the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS).
  • Implementation of sustainable funding mechanisms and regional structures to support AMDAR operations and expansion that will also facilitate participation by least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS).
  • Introduction of a simplified, equitable and centralized costing and remuneration system for AMDAR operations and development, based on more efficient and economic solutions for infrastructure and operational services.
  • Establishing a more efficient business relationship between AMDAR Programme operators (meteorological services), data users, data providers and other stakeholders.
  • More secure, consistent and better defined AMDAR data ownership and management practices.
  • Increased efficiency of the global AMDAR Programme derived from improved recognition and better integration of AMDAR with the aviation industry.
  • More extensive and improved use of AMDAR data in support of meteorology, aviation and the wider community.