WICAP Data Policy

The Data Policy provides a basis for, and an understanding of how AMDAR data that is made available by participating, Partner Airlines, can be used by Data Users, including both the WMO Member National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHS) as well as Third Parties entities and data users that are not program partners.

The aim is to reference or integrate the Data Policy within all WICAP-related agreements that are established between programme partners and data users.

Under the agreed principles of WICAP, the following summarises the basis for the policy:

  • The terms of the data policy are annexed to the contracts between each WICAP Operator and each participating airline.
  • All WMO Members are licensed and retain full rights to freely use all AMDAR data produced under WICAP and provided on the WMO Information System (WIS) in compliance with all Principles of WICAP and in compliance with WMO’s Resolutions and Regulations applicable to AMDAR data.
  • The ownership of original AMDAR data is retained by participating airlines.
  • WMO Members have and retain full ownership of any meteorological products and services, as defined by the GB in the AMDAR Data Policy and as derived or developed by them, from the use of AMDAR data by NMHSs.