WICAP Planning & Operations

Under the WICAP, a regional cooperative approach to operation of the AMDAR programme will be established to take advantage of efficiencies to be gained from regional data reception, processing and transmission to data users. The regional planning and operational processes and procedures will be organised through the respective IATA and WMO regional offices and working bodies and groups.
WICAP Planning & Operations Flow Chart


  • New airlines will be voluntarily introduced into the programme based on meeting meteorological requirements for data.
  • IATA will assist in programme promotion and ensuring technical efficiency.
  • Planning will be undertaken at the regional & global level and based on national requirements for data.
  • A regional approach to data will be aimed at reducing communications costs.
  • Regional and global operated centers will facilitate data management, optimisation and provision on the WMO Information System.
  • Data will be available to all Members for use in meteorological applications.