RA V Working Group on Hydrology and Water Resources


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Terms of Reference

(a) Support the Regional Hydrological Adviser in ensuring that the contributions in operational hydrology pertaining to the region’s priorities are coordinated across infrastructure, services and research domains, and are coordinated with weather, climate and other thematic areas; contribute to components of the RA V Operating Plan relevant to hydrological and water resource matters;

(b) Recommend hydrological-related substructures under the Working Group on Services and the Working Group on Infrastructure in accordance with specific tasks;

(c) Support the Regional Hydrological Adviser in the development of a Hydrological Action Plan in RA V (as per the request of EC-71) as a contribution to the Regional Operating Plan, and other tasks as requested in Resolution 4.1/3 (RA V-18);

(d) Establish Task Teams and/or Expert Groups within the Working Group on Hydrology and Water Resources, as and if necessary, to most efficiently carry out the tasks of the Group, and to disband these substructures when their work is concluded;

(e) Recommend experts in hydrology and water resources from RA V, to be represented in the different substructures of the Working Groups, to carry out specific tasks, if and as needed;

(f) Liaise with the Hydrological Coordination Panel (HCP) of the Executive Council, ensuring alignment on behalf of the Association;

(g) Serve as the organizing committee for the Regional Hydrological Assembly and the Regional Hydrological Advisers’ Forums, as necessary.

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