Expert Team on Operational Weather Forecasting System (ET-OWFS)

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1. Review the Manual on the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (WMO-No. 485) and propose updates as necessary concerning nowcasting to medium-range forecasting to ensure that procedures are adequate
2. Review GDPFS and Lead Centres' activities, support their developments and provide guidance as stated in the Manual 
3. Assess applications for GDPFS designated centres with regard to the designation criteria and make recommendations on designation to INFCOM in accordance with the Manual on GDPFS
4. Consider the requirements for data and systems to support impact-based forecasting, review new developments and advances in ESP (Earth System Prediction) and related systems, particularly with regard to severe and high impact weather forecasting
5. Liaise with relevant WMO Programmes, technical commissions and international organizations as required to advise on requirements for practical implementations in operational systems
6. Provide advice to NMHSs on ESP products with regard to seamless forecasting of severe and high impact weather
7. Liaise with SERCOM to promote and support the use and communication of ESP products, available from the GDPFS Centres; develop interpretation guidance to facilitate their use, and encourage feedback on usefulness and application
8. Promote and support the education and training of forecasters on the use and interpretation of ESP products, and their strengths and weaknesses
9. Provide guidance on capacity-building concerning the implementation of operational NWP systems, including verification systems, and/or the use of ESP products
10. Contribute to SERCOM ET on MHEWS Interoperable Environment (ET-MIE) (SWFP, CIFI and FFGS)
11. In collaboration with the Research Board and Services Commission, support the advancement and operationalization of probabilistic forecasting
12. Contribute to Regional Training Centres activities related to forecasting on weather, climate and water
13. In consultation with SERCOM and RB, review and update verification scores and practices for Earth System components
14. Liaise with the RB, particularly WWRP, to understand the latest advances in Earth System Modelling and Prediction and encourage the implementation of such developments in the GDPFS centre systems for the benefit of Members

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