Task Team on Cryosphere Observing Requirements (GCW)

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Under the guidance of the GCW Advisory Group and in coordination with Standing Committee on Earth Systems Observing Systems and Networks (SC-ON), the Cryosphere Observing Requirements Task Team (CRYORA) is mandate to develop cryosphere observing requirements and related guidance in the framework of the Rolling Review of Requirements (RRR), by working closely with the Joint Expert Team on Earth Observing System Design and Evolution (JET-EOSDE), and taking into account the relevant recommendations made by the Study Group on Cryosphere Crosscutting Functions (SG-Cryo) to INFCOM.
The task team will:
1. Develop and submit a consolidated set of requirements for the observation of the cryosphere components, in the framework of the WMO RRR,
2. Prepare contributions to the WMO’s Observing Systems Capabilities Analysis and Review Tool (OSCAR) database on Observing Requirements, Observing Capabilities (space-based and surface-based);
3. Develop and publish Statements of Guidance for the observation of cryosphere components in the framework of the RRR process of WMO;
4. Develop contributions to the Technical Regulations relative to the implementation of provisions of the WMO Unified Data Policy, in coordination with the other substructures of GCW-AG, and as guided by INFCOM relevant substructures.
5. Engage relevant partners, through formal invitations, as necessary, to contribute to these deliverables;
6. Prepare recommendations by building on the Cryosphere Theme Report of the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (2007);
7. Provide recommendations to GCW-AG for future work relative to the cryosphere observing requirements in the framework of RRR;

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