Expert Team on Emergency Response Activities (ET-ERA)

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1. Review the Manual on the Global Data-processing and Forecasting System (WMO-No. 485) to ensure that procedures for ERA, both nuclear and non-nuclear, are adequate and meet INFCOM needs, and propose updates as necessary
2. Promote and support the education and training of users on the use and interpretation of ERA products, and their strengths and weaknesses
3. Identify and promote technical resources which can assist NMHSs in developing their ERA capabilities for supporting national agencies in their preparedness, planning, response and recovery activities
4. Continue to develop and test new products as well as Ensemble and Transfer Coefficient Matrix (TCM) methods for atmospheric transport and dispersion modelling
5. Test and improve the collective ability of all RSMCs, the IAEA, CTBTO, the RTH Offenbach and NMHSs in the environmental ERA to fulfil the operational requirements according to adopted standards and procedures stated in the Manual

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