Expert Team on WIPPS Design and Evolution (ET-WIPPSDE)

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Terms of Reference

1. Develop jointly with Research Board the roadmap for implementation of S/GDPFS and ESMP, in alignment with the existing ongoing development of the WMO Information System and the WMO Integrated Global Observing System and in consultations with regional associations and technical commissions. The roadmap should include description of set of products to be produced.
2. Develop and strengthen the coordination mechanism among WMCs and WMCs/RSMCs
3. Development and implementation of a Rolling Review of User Requirements
4. Design of pilot projects to be prioritized and endorsed by INFCOM MG
5. Identification of S/GDPFS requirements to WIS 2.0
6. Benchmark of LDCs and SIDS’ access to data and information through pilots
7. Strengthening the link with the Research Board and Research Programmes
8. Develop guidelines for implementation ESMP
9. Encourage and support WMO Members and Partners in implementing S/GDPFS and ESMP
10. In collaboration with the Research Board and Services Commission, support the advancement of ESMP
11. In close collaboration with RB, promote international cooperation and research on ESMP for all forecast-range and report to INFCOM on operational prediction potential

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