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(a) Maintain and further develop table-driven codes in the Manual on Codes (WMO-No. 306) Vol. I.2, to meet the requirements of all Members and partner organizations,
(b) Adapt and update current reporting practices in the alphanumeric code regulations for adaptation to table-driven code forms,
(c) Consider specific requirements by Members, WMO Programmes and partner organizations for the implementation of CF-netCDF data profiles and extensions in collaboration with the CF community and in harmonization with the existing CF conventions and their future development,
(d) Maintain and further develop the model-driven data standards in the Manual on Codes Vol. I.3, in collaboration with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and according to the requirements provided by Members, WMO Programmes and partner organizations.
(e) Maintain the alphanumeric code forms related to aviation in the Manual on Codes Vol. I.1 as required by ICAO,
(f) Invite and assist Members to participate in the experimental exchange of data encoded in modified or new formats, and provide Members with guidance on WMO data standards and representation,
(g) Update the content of guidance materials related to WMO data standards, including the Guide to WMO Table-driven Code Forms, as required,
(h) Maintain and further develop the content of as required by the data standards.

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