Expert Team on WIS2 Architecture and Transition (ET-W2AT )

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(a) Consolidate stakeholder requirements gathered by ET-W2RAE and ET-W2PE,
(b) Develop the overall system architecture for WIS 2.0 covering people, process and technology aspects,
(c) Further develop the functional architecture and capability requirements for WIS centers (GISCs, DCPCs, and NCs) which can be used as the basis for compliance assessments,
(d) Engage with the private sector to determine how they may contribute to support efficient and effective exchange of data and information among WMO Members,
(e) Identify gaps where standardization is required for transition to WIS 2.0,
(f) Build on the WIS 2.0 implementation timeline to develop a detailed Transition Plan to support implementation by Members,
(g) Develop materials required to support successful implementation by Members,
(h) Contribute to the implementation of WIS 2.0,
(i) Periodically review the WIS 2.0 Demonstration Projects, providing guidance as needed to ensure alignment with the WIS 2.0 implementation approach,
(j) Estimate indicative costs for establishing and operating WIS 2.0 compliant GISCs and report to the Executive Council for final approval as requested by the Congress in res. 57 Cg-18.

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