Policy Advisory Committee

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) shall advise the Executive Council on any matters concerning the strategy and policy of the Organization submitted to it by the Executive Council.


First session (PAC-1/2020), by videoconference: 11-12 May 2020

Second session (PAC-2/2020), by videoconference: 17-18 August 2020

Third session (PAC-1/2021), by videoconference: 3-5 May 2021

Fourth session (PAC-2/2021), by videoconference: 14-15 September 2021

Fifth session (PAC-1/2022), Geneva, 27-29 April 2022

Sixth session (PAC-2/2022), Geneva, 14-16 December 2022



EC-72/INF. 2.5(1) Report by the Chair of the Policy Advisory Committee

EC-73/INF. 2.5(1) Report by the Chair of the Policy Advisory Committee

EC-75/INF. 2.5(1) Report by the Chair of the Policy Advisory Committee 

EC-76/INF. 2.5(1-2) Report of the Chairs of the Technical Coordination Committee and Policy Advisory Committee, including their joint session 


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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference of the Policy Advisory Committee
- Maintaining awareness of global trends and external drivers that affect Members and the long-term vision-setting of the Organization
- Improving and aligning the Organization-wide strategic, operational and budget planning process, including monitoring of implementation of the Strategic Plan
- Keeping under review WMO policies and practices for the exchange of meteorological, hydrological and climatological and related data and products
- Optimizing WMO governance and programme structures, processes and practices to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources through a more strategic focus and within a quality management framework
- Addressing and keeping under review the evolution of the role and operation of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services
- Streamlining WMO scientific and technical programmes to ensure their relevance to the Strategic and Operating Plans and effectiveness
- Guiding the engagement of the Organization in partnerships with other UN and international organizations, the academia and the private sector
- Mainstreaming and advancing gender equality across the Organization, especially in governance and decision-making
- The Presidents of the Regional Associations
- Eight Members of the Executive Council appointed by the Council upon proposal by the President noting the need for the expertise in the focus areas of the mandate of the - - - Committee and taking into consideration regional representation and gender equality factors
- The chairs of the Scientific Advisory Panel and the Technical Coordination Committee as ex officio members
Working procedures
- The Committee shall be chaired by the WMO President or one of the Vice-Presidents.
- The Committee shall normally meet once per year prior to a session of Executive Council.
- The chair of the Committee may invite experts and/or representatives from partner organizations to attend meetings of the Committee as observers.
- At meetings of the Committee, the members may be assisted by advisors.
- The Committee may establish time-bound substructures as needed for the discharge of specific tasks during an intersessional period.
(EC-70 deferred the implementation of PAC to its seventy-first session

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