RA III Working Group on Science and Research


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Terms of Reference

(a) Promote convergence and integration between the research programmes of interest to the region within and outside the WMO community;

(b) Guide the execution of WMO research programmes according to the priorities established for the region and in relation to meteorological, climatic, hydrological and environmental research;

(c) Strive for a transversal and optimal approach to research initiatives related to the Earth system approach, prioritizing scientific activities that address the operational needs for improved service provision in the region;

(d) Promote the joint design of research initiatives that strengthen applied science and the flow of applied scientific research transfer to operations and services to provide tools for the fulfilment of the mission of the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of the region including timely attention of information to citizens;

(e) Establish effective coordination with the WMO bodies, other regional associations and the working groups of RA III and promote scientific partnerships between NMHSs and universities and research centres;

(f) Promote joint and collaborative actions with other regional associations, especially Regional Association IV;

(g) Promote the exchange of knowledge and expertise in scientific research including shared climate systems between the NMHSs in the region and the WMO RTCs;

(h) Identify actors, tools and/or mechanisms for financing joint research and an exchange of experts among the NMHSs and also for promoting work between public and private sectors;

(i) Prepare a regional research plan aligned with the guidelines of the Research Board focused on meteorological, climatic, hydrological, technological, geographic information systems, climate variability and change, extreme events, droughts, and environmental aspects relevant to the region, including the promotion of strategies for its dissemination and feedback;

(j) Prepare and submit to the management group, a work plan for the next four years and an annual progress report.

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