RA III Working Group on Services

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Terms of Reference

(a) Determine the prioritised needs for new and improved services and analyse related capabilities among Members in the region to help inform the development of the RA III Integrated Services Operational Implementation Plan (including weather, climate, hydrological and relevant environmental services) for review and approval by the RA III Management Group in a timely manner, with the purpose of supporting and strengthening the services capability of regional members;

(b) Facilitate, monitor and report on the implementation and uptake of services and applications, and WMO standards and regulations in the region;

(c) Develop, promote and oversee the implementation of strategies to strengthen the capacity of RA III Members to provide quality and adequate climate and weather services tailored for the specific user and purposes, and improve access to them;

(d) Provide guidance to Members for appropriate user-interface actions with the relevant stakeholders intended to address priorities and the need for an improved services’ provision in aviation, agriculture, hydrology, marine and oceanography, disaster risk reduction and public services, health, energy and urban integrated services, in coordination with the Weather & Climate WG and the Hydrology WG ;

(e) Promote and provide technical support strategies for the development and implementation of public, private, joint or communal, multi-hazard early warning systems at local, national and regional scale, as appropriate, keeping the exchange of products and experiences as the highest priority, in collaboration with the Weather & Climate WG and Hydrology WG;

(f) Liaise with the WMO Services Commission (SERCOM), and establish effective coordination with the other WMO Bodies, other regional associations, and the working groups of RA III;

(g) Promote, encourage, and follow up on international financing projects related to weather, climate and water services in the region (e.g. ENANDES, EUROCLIMA and similar projects);

(h) Promote the engagement of the public and private sectors in matters related to service delivery;

(i) Submit to the president and the management group a work plan for the next four years that advances towards the Regional Priorities 3 (EWS) and 5 (GFCS), within 3 months of establishment and an annual progress report.

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