RA III Working Group on Weather and Climate


Ms Grinia AVALOS - Vice-chair - ( Peru )
Claudia Villaroel - Member - ( Chile )
Dr Caio COELHO - Member - ( Brazil )
Isabel RAMOS - Member - ( Chile )
Marcos MAQUEDA - Member - ( Paraguay )
Mr Komalchand DHIRAM - Member - ( Guyana )
Mr Lyndon ALVES - Member - ( Guyana )
Mr Oscar AYALA - Member - ( Ecuador )
Ms Paola URIBE - Member - ( Chile )
Solangela SANCHEZ - Member - ( Chile )
Yuri ESCAJADILLO - Member - ( Peru )

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Terms of Reference

(a) Guide and support NMHSs, according to their needs, in the development, improvement and implementation of operational processes for seamless weather and climate monitoring and prediction, ranging from nowcasting to climate variability and climate change scenarios and extreme events, using an Earth-system approach.

(b) Promote strategies for the development and implementation of new technology and tools for data processing and modelling for weather and climate monitoring and forecasting and generation of climate variability and change scenarios, keeping the exchange of tools, products, know-how and experiences at the highest priority, in coordination with the RCCs and RTCs.

(c) Promote and oversee activities for data rescue, digitization, automation, technological improvement, statistical analysis, standardization of data from the transition from conventional stations to automatic stations, and analysis of data from different technologies (e.g. radars among others) of climate records in the region.

(d) Organize the Regional Climate Forums and associated related training and capacity-building activities, in coordination with the Hydrology WG, Services WG, Science and Research WG and RTCs, and with support of the SG.

(e) Support the preparation of flagship products at national, regional, and global levels, such as national climate monitoring reports, regional climate reports, and reports on the state of the global climate and climate services

(f) Promote the engagement of the public and private sector on issues related to climate variability and change, extreme events, weather and climate and identify funding opportunities for projects, in coordination with the Services WG

(g) Present to the Management Group - through the President of the ARIII - a Work Plan for four years in the first three months from their appointment. Also present an annual progress report and a full management report at least 3 months before the Regional Committee meeting.

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