IWTC 10 Reports

10th International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones (IWTC-10)

5-9 December 2022
Bali, Indonesia

Jointly organized by WMO World Weather Research Programme and Tropical Cyclone Programme

Workshop reports, presentations and recordings

Topic and Rapporteur Reports Reports Presentations Recordings
All reports (32MB) PDF    
Topic 1. Remote sensing for TC analysis PDF PDF YouTube
1.1 Current and emerging satellite sensors PDF PDF YouTube
1.2 Objective Satellite Methods PDF PDF YouTube
1.3 Developments and Science using in-situ platforms PDF PDF YouTube
Topic 2. TC intensity changes PDF PDF YouTube1 YouTube2
2.1 Internal influences PDF PDF YouTube
2.2 External influences PDF PDF YouTube
2.3 Operational perspectives PDF PDF YouTube
Topic 3. TC Structure change and mid-latitude interactions PDF PDF YouTube
3.1 Structure change processes: Inner core PDF PDF YouTube
3.2 Structure change processes: Outer circulation PDF PDF YouTube
3.3 Phase Transitions PDF PDF YouTube
Topic 4. TC Track and formation [incorporating TC-PFP outcomes] PDF PDF YouTube
4.1 Genesis: controlling factors and physical mechanisms PDF PDF YouTube
4.2 Genesis forecast processes PDF PDF YouTube
4.3 Unusual Tracks: statistics and controlling factors PDF PDF YouTube
4.4 Track Forecast: operational capability and new techniques PDF PDF YouTube
Topic 5. Forecasting hazards and Impacts [including landfall] PDF PDF YouTube1 YouTube2
5.1 Rainfall PDF PDF YouTube
5.2 Wind PDF PDF YouTube
5.3 Coastal inundation/Storm surge PDF PDF YouTube
5.4 Tornadoes PDF PDF YouTube
Topic 6. Tropical Cyclone Variability beyond the Synoptic Scale PDF PDF YouTube
6.1 Sub-seasonal prediction PDF PDF YouTube
6.2 Seasonal forecasting PDF PDF YouTube
6.3 Climate change PDF PDF YouTube
Special Focus Topics Reports Presentations Recordings
Review of IWTC-9 Recommendations   PDF YouTube
TC Warning Value Cycle   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards: Fiji   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards: Mozambique   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards: BCT and TCI   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards: USA   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards:  Philippines   PDF YouTube
Communication hazards:  India   PDF YouTube
Forecast demonstration: 7-day cyclogenesis forecasting in the Australian region     YouTube
BMKG Impact Based Forecasting   PDF YouTube
BMKG TC Seroja case study   PDF YouTube
BMKG post event survey - Seroja   PDF YouTube
TC-PFP   PDF YouTube
TCRR   PDF YouTube
Others Reports Presentations Recordings
Opening ceremony     YouTube
Closing ceremony     YouTube
Recommendation summary     YouTube