World Weather Research Programme (WWRP)




The World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) is the WMO’s international programme for advancing and promoting research activities on weather, its prediction and its impact on society. The improvements in science and operational predictions are driven by international cooperation, and in turn international cooperation in weather science is a unique opportunity to drive sustainable development.

As the science is advancing, critical questions are arising such as: the potential sources of predictability on weekly, monthly and longer time-scales; seamless prediction from minutes to months; optimal use of local and global observing systems and the effective utilization of supercomputers. In addition, communication of forecasts, warnings and their uncertainty, as well as some indication of the impacts of these warnings, raise new challenges for weather related approaches for the full value chain.

All of these challenges can only be met through strong interdisciplinary collaborations and thus WWRP relies on strong links with social scientists, Early Career Scientists and public private partnerships.




Knowledge Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events (Risk-KAN) is a joint initiative of FutureEarth, WCRP, WWRP and IRDR.


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